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eBay adds ‘virtual currency’ category

eBay has added a new category under “Coins & Paper Money” that allows sales of “Virtual Currency”. Users can now buy and sell digital currencies, as well as mining contracts and hardware. The “virtual currency” category is divided into 3 areas: Currency, Mining Contracts and Miners. Multiple entries for bitcoin and altcoin trades, as well as mining hardware and “mining … Read the rest of this entry

Advantages of Bitcoins for international travelers

биткойн тревел
Bitcoin is a digital currency available for anyone in the world having an access to Internet. It gives Bitcoin significant benefits over traditional payment systems for international travelers. Let’s compare some situations that international travelers have a deal with. Money Conversion During a trip to foreign countries, tourists face two major troubles, firstly, how and where to profitably convert into … Read the rest of this entry

Leaf unveils payment apps

Leaf, creator of a mobile Point of Sale (POS) tablet specifically designed for commerce, has introduced Payment Apps, a first-of-its-kind online marketplace. The new e-commerce site enables merchant acquirers to provide their payment processing services to merchants using the Leaf POS system. The Payment Apps marketplace is easily integrated into the Leaf POS platform, and providing merchants with more insight … Read the rest of this entry

Karmacoin launches P2P tipping via Twitter

Karmacoin, a new virtual currency and a service to let users “tip” and reward other users using Twitter. The new service lets anyone send other people its digital currency on Twitter, with the idea that people can pay for micro content and make micro donations using the popular social networking and communications service. “This is only the beginning of a … Read the rest of this entry

Canadian Royal Mint rolls up MintChip digital currency project

The Royal Canadian Mint’s has stopped developing its fledgling digital payment system, MintChip, and wants to sell it off. “As MintChip’s research and development efforts have matured at the Mint, the Government of Canada has moved the project to its natural next steps, including moving further development and commercialization to the private sector,” spokeswoman Christine Aquino said in an emailed … Read the rest of this entry

PayStand launches payment service for Bitcoin, credit cards and e-checks

PayStand, a US-based payment provider, has launched its payment processing services for bitcoin, e-checks, and credit cards to websites in the U.S. The payment service can work with any website or mobile application and can be set up in under five minutes. If merchants receive their payments in bitcoin, they can enter their bitcoin wallet addresses with PayStand and have … Read the rest of this entry

Hackers mine cryptocurrencies via new Android virus

Hackers have created malicious software for Android-based devices which allows them to mine cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, LiteCoin and CasinoCoin. The virus was detected by Lookout Software specialists. Users affected by this virtual currency-mining malware hiding in Android apps will find their Android phones getting warm and their battery lives massively shortened. And one mining script, CoinKrypt, might suck up your … Read the rest of this entry

Israel’s first Bitcoin ATM launched in Tel Aviv

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Israel’s first ATM has been launched in Tel Aviv. The new ATM is located at the nonprofit Bitcoin emBassy organization offices. The new machine, operated by the Bits of Gold company, returns Bitcoin credit in a virtual wallet in exchange for a deposit of cold hard cash. Anyone who is interested in buying bitcoins puts cash into the machine, and … Read the rest of this entry

PayPal´s predictions for 2014

PayPal president David Marcus
PayPal president David Marcus has presented traditional forecast for 2014 in the area of ​​payments and e-commerce. Last year he highlighted four “thought starters” – the continuing lack of adoption of NFC technology at the cash register; the merger of payments, loyalty programs, and coupons; the rise of mobile cash registers, and the beginning of location-aware, context-relevant shopping and payment … Read the rest of this entry

Man literally eats his cotton hat after losing Bitcoin bet

The man, known only as “Hat Eater”, has filmd himself eating his cotton hat after losing a bet that the price of Bitcoin would not fall below $1,000. The hat was eaten in three stages. The man has cut it up into tiny squares before he stuffed the fabric into sandwiches and even washed it down with beer. Painfully swallowing … Read the rest of this entry