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Google Research: Digital Impact on In-Store Shopping

We all have heard stories about people who are looking for products online, seldom attend a physical store, or even stop doing it. Also, there is a perception that consumers using smartphone in the store, in the end, decide to buy goods elsewhere. Google has decided to find out if this is true and done a research to understand how … Read the rest of this entry

Toronto subway adds card payment option

From 1 January 2015, Toronto’s commuters will be able to pay for subway trips with their bank cards via a new point-of-sale system. Passengers will be able to use their card when buying at least 10 trips. “In a global city like Toronto, the idea that most transactions would have to take place with cash is almost prehistoric,”  Toronto’s new … Read the rest of this entry

Facebook may rival eBay

Facebook plans to launch a project that enables users to sell their unwanted items right on the social network. New Zealand-based developer Indy Griffiths has revealed on Twitter  that he’d been given the option to sell an item to a test group, with the button nestled next to the write post button.   After download an image of item users … Read the rest of this entry

Special jeans protect contactless credit card details from skimming

Clothing designer Betabrand and security software company Norton has designed clothes of a special fabric, a pair of men’s jeans and a woman’s blazer, that does not transmit electronic signals payment terminals, thereby blocking access to contactless card for fraudsters. Packed with a RFID-blocking lining, you can wander aimlessly in them without having to worry about having your identity stolen. … Read the rest of this entry

SEQR Shop Spot transforms Media in sales channel

The mobile wallet SEQR, provided by Swedish Seamless, has launched a new feature that turns every media into a sales channel.  The feature, dubbed Shop Spot, is targeted to merchants, brands and media, as well as to shoppers. A purchase is made directly from media and the product is then shipped to the chosen address. For making purchase the consumer … Read the rest of this entry

7 tips for secure online shopping

E-commerce is experiencing rapid growth. More and more people prefer to save time and to order products online. However, consumers must know the basics of secure online shopping to make successful online purchases. 1. Choose those online stores that you trust. If possible, buy from the store that you have repeatedly used, or which are well known in the e-commerce … Read the rest of this entry

Fortumo partners with 9Game on mobile payments

Fortumo, an international mobile payment provider has partnered with 9Game, the gaming operation of mobile internet and services provider UCWeb, on mobile payment solution. The alliance will enable access to a wider range of audience for 9Game. Developers publishing games on 9Game can now collect additional revenue from up to 83 countries. 9Game reports it has published over 80,000 apps … Read the rest of this entry

Australian Regulator rejects Bitcoin as financial product

Australian Securities and Investments Commission has recognized that electronic currencies are not a financial product and operators do not need licenses to trade or hold them. Moreover, the license is not required to provide advice to others in relation to electronic currencies, or to arrange for others to buy and sell them. ASIC’s submission is considered as temporary until the federal government … Read the rest of this entry

Canadian start-up allows credit card bill payment with Bitcoin

Canada-based start-up YesToBitcoins.com now allows customers to pay their credit card bills in Bitcoins instead of fiat currencies. The website lets pay with bitcoins all Canadian credit cards, namely, four types of American Express cards, 23 MasterCards and 33 different VISA credit cards, which are otherwise only payable via fiat currencies. “The idea came from asking, why can’t I use … Read the rest of this entry

Barclaycard is testing contactless payment glove

Barclaycard, a part of Barclays Retail and Business Banking, tests a contactless payment glove. This the latest innovation in wearable tech will enable shoppers to ‘tap and pay’ and is being trialled over Christmas in several stores. The woollen gloves are touchscreen-enabled and designed to be used like a credit or debit card. The wearable accessory is embedded with a … Read the rest of this entry