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Yahoo Taiwan to launch O2O service by the end of 2014

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Yahoo Taiwan plans to launch an O2O platform by the end of this year, according to a report from news agency China Times. A representative from Yahoo Taiwan’s mobile division told that it would likely build out a feature on top of the company’s existing mobile commerce app. O2O services include promos, discounts or information that enhances the user’s experience when … Read the rest of this entry

Square Cash lets you send money via Bluetooth

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Square Cash, a payments company’s mobile money app, has introduced an update, dubbed ‘Nearby Payments’ that enables users to send money via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The new feature works on devices running iOS 8. It provides an alternative to its previous means of sending money by way of text message, mobile number or email. Cash users can configure their … Read the rest of this entry

India: Amazon launches its ‘Pay With Amazon’ service

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Amazon has launched its online payment service for third party sellers ‘Pay With Amazon’ in India. Sellers will be able to integrate payments on their static websites and convert them into online stores, as per Amazon. The Pay with Amazon service comes with an easy set up process and integrated order management and payments. The service enables sellers to completely … Read the rest of this entry

Spain recognizes Bitcoin as electronic payment system

The Spanish Government has released new regulations, recognizing Bitcoin as an electronic payment system. This ruling was rendered in response to an inquiry from Spain-based Bitcoin startup Coinffeine. Ministry of Finance’s body the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling, as well as the Spanish Congress, indicated in two separated responds to Abanlex that Bitcoin was considered as an electronic … Read the rest of this entry

Disappearing payments: who has challenged traditional finances?

Startups in the financial sphere facilitate users’ lives. Will they be able to completely replace the traditional tools? The lion’s share of venture capital investment is now in the new financial technologies. And this is understandable. What is happening in the financial sphere can be compared with the transformation of the world after the transition from carts and horses to … Read the rest of this entry

Tesco tests mobile payments service

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Тesco is testing a mobile payments service, called PayQwiq, that enables customers to pay for their shopping via mobile devices. The new payment solution is currently available at 16 of Tesco’s smaller Express stores in London, as well as at 26 of its Express, Metro and Superstore store formats in Edinburgh. It is currently only available to a small number … Read the rest of this entry

Amazon’s WebPay will shut down next month

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Amazon’s free WebPay P2P payment system will shut down on the 13th of October 2014, Amazon said on its site. WebPay users can still make payments through it until that date, and recipients will have 30 days after that to collect any money sent to them before it will revert to the sender. “We’ve learned a great deal about how … Read the rest of this entry

SafeCharge receives European E-money Institution license

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SafeCharge Limited, a subsidiary of payment services provider SafeCharge, has been authorised as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) and granted a European EMI license. The license allows SafeCharge Limited to issue e-money in accordance with the European Union e-money directive and as authorised by the Central Bank of Cyprus. “Obtaining the EMI license fulfils one of our central objectives, as … Read the rest of this entry

Zooz, Alipay team up to give merchants access to Chinese consumers and businesses

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Alipay, a China’s popular online-payment service provider has entered an agreement with payment technology provider Zooz. The partnership enables U.S., European and Asian merchants to accept online purchases made with Alipay. It will remove the barriers that prevent large retailers from offering their products to the Far East market. Founded in 2010, Zooz works with some 1,000 large retailers, including … Read the rest of this entry

TeraExchange introduces first regulated Bitcoin derivatives platform

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TeraExchange, a cryptocurrency exchange, has launched the first regulated Bitcoin derivatives platform, including a Bitcoin swap product and a Bitcoin price index respectively TeraExchange is structuring the Bitcoin swap marketplace to be regulated under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) rules. The exchange representatives have informed that the Bitcoin derivative and the Tera Bitcoin price index were created to meet … Read the rest of this entry