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BTCTrip accepts Litecoin and Dogecoin for travel bookings

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Travel agency BTCTrip has added Litecoin and Dogecoin as payment method.  The new payment options will allow BTCTrip to tap into growing communities in the developing digital currency industry. “I follow this community and I think they are very fresh. They are trying to do new things, so for us, it was very important to accept Dogecoin…For me, BTCTrip is … Read the rest of this entry

ConCardis introduces OptiPay m-payment solution

ConCardis, a Germany-based provider of cashless transactions has launched OptiPay, a mobile payment solution which enables merchants to take card payments on mobile devices. The OptiPay m-payment solution is intended for the owners of small and medium businesses who need to take card payments via their smartphone wherever they are. ConCardis OptiPay consists of a mobile card reader with a … Read the rest of this entry

VeriFone expands Taxi & Media Services to Istanbul and Mexico

VeriFone Systems, Inc., has disclosed plans to expand its taxi and media services to Istanbul and throughout Mexico’s Mayan Riviera. This expansion will allow VeriFone to provide more than 20,000 additional taxis with secure, in-taxi and mobile payments, mobile hailing and booking, and interactive multimedia content during passenger rides. “This planned expansion can benefit taxi fleets and drivers in these … Read the rest of this entry

Groupon is trying to compete with Amazon and eBay

Groupon, a UK-based marketplace, has updated his site to position itself as a major selling platform. The company aims to get bargain-hunting shoppers to browse deals regularly, rather than responding to emailed offers. “It’s not just run of the mill teeth-whitening and massage offers like there used to be. The number and variety of deals have grown rapidly,” said Tamer … Read the rest of this entry

PayPal launches mobile checkout apps for merchants

PayPal has launched a mobile checkout solution for merchants and app developers. the new app, dubbed One Touch, was built in collaboration with PayPal acquisition Braintree, and is similar to Braintree’s Venmo Touch product. With One Touch app, a wide number of PayPal merchants will now have another way to accept mobile payments in their native applications. And consumers, who … Read the rest of this entry

Italy: Tax Authority upgrades e-invoicing regulations for 2014

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On June 24th 2014, the Italian Tax Authority issued a document defining electronic invoicing terms and their applications. The documents explains an electronic invoice as ‘one that is sent and received in any electronic format.’ The Tax Authority’s Circolare ‘Circular’ 18/E discerns an electronic invoice from a paper bill to ignore bills issued electronically, but usually printed on paper as … Read the rest of this entry

Top 9 Failures in Bitcoin History

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The bitcoin history has never been smooth – since the very beginning it has been accompanied with human errors, inappropriate software, attacks and unfortunate circumstances. Someone hacked 92 billion BTC  There was the time that someone hacked 92 billion BTC into existence. On 8th August 2010 Jeff Garzik, bitcoin developer, commented on the site that he had found the block with … Read the rest of this entry

DebitWay partners with Expresscoin

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DebitWay.ca, a Canada-based online payment service provider has inked a deal with US-based cryptocurrency provider Expresscoin.com. As an online payment service provider, DebitWay.ca is helping merchants acquire the mandatory bank accounts required to launch or expand their business ventures. DebitWay.ca is a certified payment provider which provides INTERAC Online Payment (IOP) solutions. Currently, participating financial institutions include BMO Bank of … Read the rest of this entry

Bitcoin Payments will be integrated with social networking

A Japan-based wallet service “Ninki” aims to be a social network for cryptopayments, where the users within the established groups can make transactions regularly. According Benjamin Smith, the company’s lead developer the most likely kinds of user groups are local charity events, crowdfunding campaigns, small- to medium-sized businesses, and international freelancers. Users can form groups and share the details as … Read the rest of this entry

RyanAir accepts PayPal

RyanAir has entered into agreement with PayРal to enable passengers paying for flights using PayРal account. The new payment option is part of a program of customer service improvement. This includes allocated seating, a second free cabin bag, new website and app. RyanAir also confirmed a “tailored” business product is to be unveiled in “the coming weeks”. “Our partnership with … Read the rest of this entry