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American Express Launches Amex Express Checkout to Simplify Online Shopping

American Express has introduced Amex Express Checkout, a payment tool that enables customers to pay for goods online, on any device, in just a few clicks. American Express card members can use the new tool to more easily check out and pay on partnering websites and apps from merchants such as Ticketmaster, Newegg and Warby Parker. In order to make … Read the rest of this entry

Synaptics Introduces New Match-in-Sensor Fingerprint Authentication Technology

Synaptics Inc., a California-based supplier of human interface solutions mostly for touch applications, has launched the industry’s first fully hardware encapsulated fingerprint sensor and matching solution, called Match-in-Sensor. The new technology will be implemented into laptops and other mobile devices. The Match-in-Sensor for fingerprint recognition will add a new level of security due to total isolation from the host operating … Read the rest of this entry

Visa Filly Recognizes Potential of Bitcoin

The largest payment companies are gradually stop perceiving Bitcoin as a threat to the financial system and working more openly with the new players in the field of finance. “I genuinely believe that by working together, we will succeed together. I think that the innovation that the startups bring is fantastic and that the scale the incumbents – the banks, … Read the rest of this entry

Yandex.Money Launches Payment App for Nokia Lumia

Microsoft Nokia Lumia smartphone users has been provided with a Yandex Money mobile app. Yandex.Money app lets users to pay for different services and purchases, as well as to make transfers without logging up. The new service includes phone top-up, internet, utility bills, taxes, fines, etc. The application will be available on Nokia Lumia smartphones, after the update of Windows … Read the rest of this entry

Selfies to Replace PIN-codes in MasterCard

MasterCard has announced about its new program trial — verifying online payments with a facial scan. Instead to enter a PIN0code you’ll be asked to take selfie. To use the new options you have to install the MasterCard app on your phone. The facial recognition scan will map out your face, convert it to 1s and 0s and transmit that … Read the rest of this entry

PayPal to Buy Xoom

US-based payment provider PayPal has announced its plans to acquire Xoom, digital money transfer provider. The total amount of the transaction is $890 million. This acquisition will allow PayPal to offer customers more wide range of services, increase the number of customers, and enter the important and growing related market. Xoom’s service is focused on money transfers between friends and … Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Adds P2P Payments in Messenger Service

Facebook has launch P2P payments in messenger service — three months after its presentation. From now Facebook Messenger users are able to transfer money to each other. They just need to bind a Facebook account to either Visa or MasterCard plastic card and send money to friends by pressing a new “$” button in the chat. ‘We’re happy to announce … Read the rest of this entry

eBay to Begin Separate from PayPal Trading on July 20

eBay Inc. will begin separate from PayPal trading on July 20 under the stock symbol PYPL, as the company splits into two businesses. EBay will be focused on e-commerce and PayPal — on online payments. PayPal will trade on the Nasdaq stock market. eBay has agreed to remain the volume of transactions it channels via PayPal, as it does now, … Read the rest of this entry

Japanese Retailers Now Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin exchange Quoine has partnered with a payments network Econtext to allow over 20,000 online and brick-and-mortar retailers to accept bitcoin payments soon across Japan. Econtext’s  users, thousands of merchants, are able to accept bitcoin payments without logging into the bitcoin processor. The new option allows merchants and customers to lock in the bitcoin rate for the particular purchase for … Read the rest of this entry

Barclaycard Implements Wearable Wristband, Fob and Sticker

Barclaycard, a part of Barclays Retail and Business Banking, plans to implement a wearable wristband, fob and sticker for ‘touch and go’ contactless payments across the UK. The wearables devices will be operated under the bPay brand. With the new contactless solutions users will be able to buy, manage and top-up their cash. Customers can set their account to top-up … Read the rest of this entry