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Marketplace with cryptocurrency payment options will open in August 2014

Virtual CoinBox, a marketplace that allows shoppers to pay with e-money, has begun connecting customers who want to pay with Bitcoins, Dogecoins and Litecoins, with merchants who were unable to accept cryptocurrencies. Through Virtual CoinBox, online merchants can advertise their goods, accept the coins for payment and then cash out with PayPal. The website will officially open for business on … Read the rest of this entry

eBay plans to expand in Russia

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eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, plans to expand in Russia, allowing local merchants to sell goods on its website and speeding up cross-border delivery. The company has already signed an agreement with state-run Russian Post to speed delivery. Russian merchants will enable to sell goods on eBay.com from September. “Russia has been and remains “number one priority” for geographical … Read the rest of this entry

Alibaba inks a deal with Sina Weibo to launch payment service

Alibaba, a China’s biggest ecommerce platform, has partnered with Sina Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging website for launching a Weibo Payment service. The payment solution will allow verified Weibo users to conduct third-party ecommerce business on the microblogging site. The agreement includes the possibility of integration of both Sina Weibo and Taobao accounts. So users are able to log on to … Read the rest of this entry

BitPay introduces Facebook app for easy Bitcoin trading

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BitPay, an electronic payment processing system for the Bitcoin currency, has introduced Get Bits Facebook app that lets users to trade Bitcoin in-person by helping to arrange meetings between friends via the social network. The ‘Get Bits’ allows users to instantly login via Facebook account. After signing in, users will be able to see who from their Friends are using … Read the rest of this entry

Twitter acquired m-payment system CardSpring

Twitter has acquired mobile payment provider CardSpring. Twitter´s team is sure that CardSpring matches perfectly products and services provided by Twitter, as well as allows making purchases directly via tweets. CardSpring API lets developers make online applications for credit, credit, and other types of financial transactions: think loyalty cards. “At Twitter, we will continue to grow the adoption of our … Read the rest of this entry

Google Wallet now supports gift cards and P2P payments

Google Wallet users can now store gift cards on their mobile devices and redeem them in online shops. When wanting to use the gift card at the store, users need to show their phone to the cashier at checkout. Users is also able to make debit card payments, send money requests to friends and access a Spanish language version of … Read the rest of this entry

Bitcoin currency conversion is now available on Google

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Google has implemented the Bitcoin Exchange Rate into their Financial Data Listings. The exchange rate appears automatically when you input certain terms into Google. If you put search query ’1 USD to BTC’ you will see the most recent Bitcoin Exchange Rate as compared with any currency that Google already supports. Google has dedicated the exact data on how many … Read the rest of this entry

Bitcoin: Transition from Phantom Stage to Destructive Stage

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Development of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is moving from the Phantom phase to the Destructive phase. What does it mean? Why is it happening? And what can you do? Peter Diamandis, an expert, says about this. What is Bitcoin? First, Bitcoin is a digital currency. At present, one Bitcoin is equal to about $600. Bitcoin is divided up by 8 decimal places, … Read the rest of this entry

Norway goes cash-free

According to a Finans Norge (FNO) report, the Norwegians should only be paying with card, via online banking or on mobile devices in the next six years. The major federation of financial institutions in Norway claim that a cashless society would reduce the risk of robbery, simplify the fight financial crime and save cash handling expenses. “We have advocated that … Read the rest of this entry

PayPal’s m-wallet app supports loyalty cards

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An updating version of PayPal iOS app lets you link loyalty cards from a list of supported merchants. This means you need only a mobile device to make payments instead of having to stuff multiple cards into your wallet. The upp has not introduced to PayPal’s Android app yet, but it appears to be only a matter of time. However, … Read the rest of this entry