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Czech Republic introduces its own cryptocurrency

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A new cryptocurrency called Czech Crown Coin (CZC) will be introduced in the Czech Republic in September. A local alternative to Bitcoin was launched by a group involved in broadcast media. 50% of the total number of coins will be reserved for Czechs, dependent on registration. The remainder will be released later, over the next four to 10 years. As … Read the rest of this entry

Amazon plans to launch mobile credit card reader

Amazon is planning to launch its own mobile credit card reader in the coming weeks. The new solution called the “Amazon Card Reader”. The leaked inventory document discovered by technology site 9to5Mac shows office supplies store Staples taking stock of an Amazon Card Reader, alongside competitors from PayPal, Square and a Staples-branded card reader. The “Amazon Card Reader” will cost … Read the rest of this entry

Mexico plans to create digital peso

Mexican corporations Peso Digital and Microbit have reported that they are working on creating a digital version of the country’s fiat currency – Peso Digital. The plans could have many far-reaching implications for the country’s economic and political problems; namely, the remittances market, the tax process and the country’s unbanked population. The Peso Digital would be based on a block … Read the rest of this entry

eBay launches RedLaser barcode-scanner app for Google Glass

eBay has released a RedLaser barcode-scanner app for Google Glass “which puts the most popular barcode scanning technology on Google Glass devices.” With the RedLaser for Glass, users can perform price comparisons for products on the fly, without needing to take out a smartphone or other device, and more. the Glass version of the RedLaser barcode-scanner app scans barcodes and … Read the rest of this entry

Bitcoin main trends of development in 2014 (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1 3. Venture capital firms are increasing investment Not all act as slow as the government in case of Bitcoin. Serious venture investments in Bitcoin-companies started to come in 2013. Since the beginning of 2014, venture capitalists have invested about $ 150 million in this business. In the second quarter of 2014, venture firms invested $ 73 … Read the rest of this entry

Bitcoin main trends of development in 2014 (Part 1)

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Bitcoin world is developing rapidly. Certainly, in 2014 this cryptocurrency has undergone many changes: the collapse of Mt. Gox, huge venture capital investments in start-ups and the withdrawal of 30,000 BTC by the U.S. government from the Silk Road – all this has made a great stir in the media. Only time will show what will happen to Bitcoin, but … Read the rest of this entry

Hackers stole a data from European Central Bank’s website

The European Central Bank (ECB) on Thursday reported that its website had been hacked and some email addresses and other contact information stolen. The bank stressed that no market-sensitive data or internal systems were compromised. The ECB found out the theft when it received an anonymous email on Monday night claiming money for the data. About 20,000 email addresses may … Read the rest of this entry

Amazon launches Wallet app for Rewards and Gift Cards

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Amazon has launched a mobile wallet application for Rewards and Gift Cards on Appstore and Google Play. The app, called “Your Cards” only enables users to store and organize their gift cards and other store and loyalty cards. The application doesn’t yet support m-payments or the ability to store debit or credit cards. With Amazon Wallet users can scan or … Read the rest of this entry

Ukrainians write a petition to PayPal

Ukrainians have requested PayPal to provide them with an opportunity to receive international money transfers via PayPal account. The petition was published on Change.org, a web’s leading platform for social changes. Currently, Ukrainian users are unable to receive money via PayPal, as  the company offers a limited set of payment options to Ukrainian citizens. “Many talented people can’t receive their … Read the rest of this entry

Marketplace with cryptocurrency payment options will open in August 2014

Virtual CoinBox, a marketplace that allows shoppers to pay with e-money, has begun connecting customers who want to pay with Bitcoins, Dogecoins and Litecoins, with merchants who were unable to accept cryptocurrencies. Through Virtual CoinBox, online merchants can advertise their goods, accept the coins for payment and then cash out with PayPal. The website will officially open for business on … Read the rest of this entry