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Biometric authentication – the next wave in computer security

Traditional passwords are no longer a reliable way to protect data. A biometric authentication — the practice of using unique behavioral and biological traits to confirm your identity — will be the next wave in computer security. Fingerprints, gait and yes, even ear shape are among the most well-known biometric identifiers.  Although biometrics are still a long way from replacing … Read the rest of this entry

Survey: 65% of Americans have never heard about Bitcoin

Most of  Americans are ‘not familiar at all’ with Bitcoin, a recent research unveils. According to a survey from Bitcoin organization Coin Center, 65% of respondents have never heard about Bitcoin and don’t know what it is. Of those who said they were “not too familiar,” somewhat familiar,” or “very familiar” with Bitcoin, 84% said they have never used the … Read the rest of this entry

Alibaba Group accused of not doing enough to fight fakes

A China regulator has accused Alibaba Group of not putting enough effort into fighting counterfeits on its website. According to a report from the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, published on Wednesday, many products sold on Alibaba’s e-commerce websites and services infringed upon trademarks, were substandard or fake, were banned or endangered public security. Alibaba has said that it … Read the rest of this entry

Western Union will support Apple Pay for money transfers

Western Union`s locations will support Apple Pay, providing customers a way to transfer money and pay bills with their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Apple Pay support has already been implemented at the WU location at 1440 Broadway in NYC. Sending money requires a registered debit card in Passbook with a participating Apple Pay bank. Contactless payment terminals at … Read the rest of this entry

Google to integrate Google Wallet into Gmail

Google has discovered a plan to launch an e-mail money transfer service in Europe by Gmail with Google Wallet. The new solutions lets Google users to transfer money via Gmail service — by attaching and sending. In order to send money you will only need to move the pointer over the attachment paperclip, click the £ icon to attach money … Read the rest of this entry

Innovations in Bitcoin Wallet Security

Nowadays it is time to take the problem of bitcoin wallet vulnerabilities seriously as a lot of Bitcoin holders suffer losses from attackers.  The good news is that hardware wallets with remarkable features – Trezor and BTChip – have finally appeared which protect from computer viruses that rob software wallets. This article is an attempt to summarize all the known … Read the rest of this entry

Ingenico adds Bitcoin option to POS Terminals

Ingenico, one of the world’s largest point-of-sale (POS) solution providers has announced that its new generation of POS terminals will allow European brick-and-mortar retailers to accept Bitcoin. This became possible thanks to a partnership Ingenico with Bitcoin payments provider Paymium. Paymium has created an app that is being hosted on the Telium Tetra Marketplace, a payment application suite developed by … Read the rest of this entry

PayPal, Google left the Crimea

The Crimea peninsula, the former Ukrainian territory annexed to the Russian Federation in March 2014 is now cut off from PayPal and Google products and services. The sanctions forbid US individuals and companies from providing services to the Crimea. The companies reported the freezing of accounts registered in Crimea starting February 1, 2015. “Unfortunately, currently we are not able to … Read the rest of this entry

Bitcoin as space payment system

Bitcoin developers hope that the new project from Dunvegan Space Systems and Deep Space Industries Inc called BitSat will make cryptocurrency safer and easier accessible after the two companies announced that they will create an orbital financial system. It will consist of an orbital node for the Bitcoin network placed on the ground with a spacecraft system of small BitSats … Read the rest of this entry

West Africa: Azimo offers instant money transfer service

Azimo, an online money transfer service, has introduced its money transfer service for instant payments. Azimo customers across Europe can send money to recipients in Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo. Azimo’s online service provides money transfers across borders, either to bank account or for cash pick-up at thousands of locations across the region. The … Read the rest of this entry